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Aaron Kiesel Inducted into Cured Meat Hall of Fame

Aaron Kiesel is co-owner of Dewig Brothers Packing Company, Inc., located in Haubstadt, Indiana. He started working at Dewig Meats in June of 1996 during high school. He did various jobs around the plant such as clean up, packaging, and waiting on customers. His work at Dewig Meats interested him, and he went on to pursue a degree at Purdue University in Meat Science with an emphasis in processed meat. Aaron came back to Dewig Meats full time after college where he eventually took over the sausage kitchen and the job responsibilities that the job entails. Aaron started dating the

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DEWIG IN THE NEWS: Rediscovering A Local Institution

Dewig Meats has been in operation since 1916, but it took a pandemic for some consumers to discover its award-winning meats. During the thick of the turmoil that surrounded the 2020 COVID-19 pandemic, consumers in southern Indiana couldn’t find basic necessities like ground beef in their grocery stores. When those meat cases were emptied, they turned to their local meat market, Dewig Meats, which offered a steady supply of ground beef, steaks, chops, bacon and more. During that time, some shoppers would go up to Darla Kiesel, one of the family operators, and say, “Where have you guys been?” Well,

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