Dewig Meats Wins Big in National Competition

Dewig Meats came home from the American Cured Meat Championship last month with a fistful of awards, including one the Dewigs are particularly proud of: the Cured Meats Excellence Award, on honor they said might be once-in-a-lifetime. “This competition rotates all over the U.S., and this year it was in Charleston, S.C., “Dewig scion Darla Kiesel said.  “These meat packers from all over the U.S. and Canada enter their products. There’s hundreds and hundreds of products here. There are about 20 or more categories you can enter, and this year we won three of them and placed second in another

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Meat and Greet: It’s all in the family for the Dewigs.

Nestled away in Haubstadt, Ind., sits one of the most impressive meat markets in the country. Dewig Meats (pronounced Day-Wig) has been serving customers the finest products and quality in the industry for almost 100 years. “People think of us as a little butcher shop out here, but we sell a lot of meat — thousands and thousands of pounds every day,” says plant manager Dean Dewig. The facility sits on a 10-acre plot, surrounded by roughly 50 acres of family farmland at 100 Maple St. The original Dewig meat market in Haubstadt was about a block and one-half away

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Since 1916, Dewig Bros. Packing has Survived and Thrived

The Tough Get Going. For some businesses, operating in tough economic times is a harrowing experience. Too often it results in a death knell. But for one small Indiana meat company, tougher times have historically seemed to make them stronger. Founded in 1916, Dewig (pronounced Day-Wig) Meats had no refrigeration and could operate only in the winter. They were located in Haubstadt, Ind., a perpetually small town of about 1,500. The firm had no equipment, only knives. For John Dewig, who founded the business along with his two brothers, Anton and Joe, this wasn’t a hardship. Their father had been

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