Dewig Freezer Pork

Don’t raise your own hogs? No problem.

With Dewig’s Freezer Pork options you can save money and fill your freezer with local pork that will not only be flavorful but convenient as well! Dewig’s boasts the slogan, “Real Neat…. Real Meat! and you can bet that our cleanliness and attention to detail will show on our custom cut products.

  • Dewig Meats Freezer Pork is available on a pre-order basis.
  • ALL Freezer Pork comes from local, family farms.
    • Some of these farmers we have worked with for four generations!
  • Please contact us if you are interested in placing an order.
  • Prices are figured on hanging weight.
  • Prices include Cutting, Double Wrapping & Blast Freezing.

Whole Hog – $2.49 lb.

  • Approx. 220 lbs.
  • Approx. $550.00

1/2 of Hog – $2.69 lb.

  • Approx. 110 lbs. 
  • Approx. $300.00

Additional Cure & Smoking Charges

  • Hams- Cured and Smoked~ $5.00 ea.
  • Bacons- Cured and Smoked ~ $5.00 ea.
  • Loins- Cured and Smoked ~ $5.00 ea.
  • Jowls- Cured and Smoked ~$2.00 ea.

Additional Sausage Charges

  • Sausage Links ~ $1.00 lb.
  • Sausage Patties ~ $1.00 lb.
  • Pork Burgers ~ $1.00 lb.

Additional Tenderizing Charges

  • Pork Tenderloins ~ $1.00 lb.
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Dewig Freezer Pork October 23, 2013