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NEW at Dewig Meats, shop for your favorite wines from local Indiana wineries to Australian vineyards and beyond. A great steak or a juicy pork chop pairs wonderfully with a nice glass of wine! We can excite your taste buds whether you like sweet, semi-sweet, chardonnay, dry or any variety in-between. With a constantly rotating selection, stop in to see what is new!

  • Our Wine of the Month Club features a variety of wine that we think our customers would enjoy.
  • Our Wine of the Month is available to purchase in our retail meat market the whole month it is featured.
  • We try to select a variety so that any wine enthusiast can enjoy a bottle or two of our featured wine!

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Easley Winery

The September Wines of the Month are the Easley Reggae series consisting of Reggae White, Red, Blush and Sangria. These are very popular wines at Dewig Meats. The Reggae Red boasts of being Easley’s best selling wine. The fun, fruity flavors make these wines easy to drink. Here is a little history of Easley Winery and also the selected Wines of the Month.

Easley Winery began as the dream and vision of Jack & Joan Easley in the late 1960’s. Making wines as a hobby in their basement in Indianapolis, Jack and Joan dreamed of growing grapes and making wine in Indiana. Jack was an attorney and Joan owned her own market research business. After learning it was illegal to make and sell wine in Indiana, they invested in a small vineyard in southern Michigan. The long drives on poor roads quickly became old, and Jack & Joan decided to see if the Indiana prohibition laws could be changed. Fortunately, there were other dreamers in Indiana such as Karl Banholzer, Mike & Liz Mancuso, Mary & William Oliver, Ben & Lee Sparks and Dr. Don McDaniel.


A group of about 12 people began meeting regularly to plan how to change Indiana’s laws. The group adopted the name Indiana Wine Growers Guild and often met in the living room of Jack and Joan’s house. Being a lawyer, Jack incorporated the Indiana Wine Growers Guild with the Secretary of State of Indiana. Finally in 1971, Indiana law was changed to allow wineries. Jack & Joan purchased the former Fertig Ice Cream factory in downtown Indianapolis and had their first grape crush in the fall of 1974. This facility is still in its original location. Located in downtown Indy’s Cole Noble Commercial Arts District, the winery is centrally located in the state.


Today, second generation owners Mark & Meredith Easley continue the family tradition of creating and selling award-winning wines and champagnes made right in the heart of Indiana. Easley Winery offers 20 or more wine and champagne offerings depending on the year and season. Great wines are meant to be shared, and at Easley Winery, we’ve been creating memories since 1974.  As for the future, the possibilities are endless…


The Concept Behind Reggae Wines

While spending a perfect day in the Florida Keys, sitting by the beach and relaxing to the smooth beats of Reggae music, Mark and Meredity Easley had an epiphany. Why not give party people a party in a bottle? These fruit-forward wines offer a delicious island taste and an attitude of pure awesomeness. Mix Reggae Wines with flavored rums for a taste too delicious to ignore.

Easley Reggae White offers tropical tones and floral notes so bright you’ll need sunglasses. Delicious apple and pear undertones will leave you asking for an encore. Don’t be shy with this this wine! Reggae White hasn’t met a seafood dish it doesn’tlike. It makes sweet music with crab cakes, tilapia, and catfish. Add some melon rum and you’ll be swaying with the palm trees.

Easley Reggae Red, Easley’s best-selling wine takes sweet & fruity to new heights. Fresh strawberry and concord jam blast onto the scene like a limbo stick at a luau. Like lounging in a hammock on a hot summer day, Reggae Red is the perfect addition to your dinner parties. This wine is jammin’ with pork, smoked turkey, chili or barbeque. Mix it up with coconut rum for an unbeatable combo!

Easley Reggae Blush, passion fruit and delicious citrus scents swirl together for a combo more colorful than the Jamaican flag. Reggae Blush shines with bright, red grapefruit and sweet strawberry. Like bare toes and warm sand, Reggae Blush on a hot summer day pairs with grilled chicken, salmon, and Swiss cheese. It’s also been known to bring friends together and attract steel drum music. Blend with pineapple rum for a real party pleaser.

Easley Reggae Sangria, made with juice from the freshest apples, cherries, pineapples, lemons, and limes, Reggae Sangria is the life of the party! For a fizzy sangria, add lemon-lime soda or bubbly water just before serving. Just a twist away, Reggae Sangria will make a splash at your pool party or next luau. Try pairing it with a smoky pulled pork, also called Kalua Pig for a Polynesian treat!


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