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NEW at Dewig Meats, shop for your favorite wines from local Indiana wineries to Australian vineyards and beyond. A great steak or a juicy pork chop pairs wonderfully with a nice glass of wine! We can excite your taste buds whether you like sweet, semi-sweet, chardonnay, dry or any variety in-between. With a constantly rotating selection, stop in to see what is new!

  • Our Wine of the Month Club features a variety of wine that we think our customers would enjoy.
  • Our Wine of the Month is available to purchase in our retail meat market the entire featured month.
  • We try to select a variety so that any wine enthusiast can enjoy a bottle or two of our featured wine!

Sales will be Monday-Saturday. Stop in today!

Monkey Hollow Winery

Monkey Hollow Winery is a family owned and operated winery nestled in the rolling hills of Southern Indiana near St. Meinrad.  Opened in the Fall of 2003, Monkey Hollow’s award winning wines include a well-rounded list which include dry, semi-sweet, and sweet wines.


Cranberry – Sweet yet tart wine with hints of cranberry and cherry.  Perfect alone or spice it up for a festive cocktail.


Elderberry – A dry red wine with an intense deep red color and flavor to match, with hints for blackberry and plum.


Blackberry – The dark and sweet richness exhibited is a true blackberry taste – just like eating the berries off the cane.


Cherry –  Made from Lambert Cherries, this wine displays a deep ruby red color and superb sweetness for an unforgettable flavor.


Raspberry – Enjoy the refreshing sweetness gleaned from sun ripened berries.


Blueberry – Blueberry wine made from 100% fruit, refreshing and bursting with flavor.


Mango – Not too sweet and very smooth.  Light delicate fruit taste with hints of sweet mango, melon, and peach flavors.


Strawberry –  A refreshing, sweet table wine.  This 100% fruit wine can be used as a spritzer, to create an exotic sangria, or served chilled as a delicious   after dinner delight.


Pasture Red –  A sweet red wine with a soft and fruity concord character.


Pasture White –  Sweet white wine made from Vidal Blanc, Niagara, Vignoles. Can be enjoyed anytime of the year, alone or as a based for a sweeter punch or sangria.


Pasture Limit 2 – Made with concord grapes, has a deep color, full body, and bright, bold flavors of oak and vanilla.


Ol’ Grandad –  A lightly oaked Chambourcin red wine made with concord grapes aged in an oak barrel.  A table wine with a unique flavor of its own.


Combined – A sweet white table wine made with a combination of Cayuga White and Reisling grapes.


Regular Price- $15.99 ea.

February & March Price- $13.99 ea.

Wine Of The Month Club June 5, 2017

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