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NEW at Dewig Meats, shop for your favorite wines from local Indiana wineries to Australian vineyards and beyond. A great steak or a juicy pork chop pairs wonderfully with a nice glass of wine! We can excite your taste buds whether you like sweet, semi-sweet, chardonnay, dry or any variety in-between. With a constantly rotating selection, stop in to see what is new!

  • Our Wine of the Month Club features a variety of wine that we think our customers would enjoy.
  • Our Wine of the Month is available to purchase in our retail meat market the entire featured month.
  • We try to select a variety so that any wine enthusiast can enjoy a bottle or two of our featured wine!

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It’s July WINE Time!

We’ve definitely had a hot start to our summer! Does the heat have you “loosing your mind?” If so, then we have the wine for you! The month of July we are featuring Turtle Run and their “mind” series.


Turtle Run Winery located in Corydon, IN prides itself on producing top quality, award winning wine. Owners, Jim & Laura have definitely put plenty of time and energy in not only making but growing the finest grapes possible for their tasty varieties. Jim studied wine in college at Miami of Ohio. His studies directly lead to a four year search across the USA for an exceptional piece of land to start Turtle Run. In 1997 they purchased the Corydon, Indiana site. They were quite fond of its elevation as well as the richness in the limestone. They knew at  that location they could grow world class grapes. For more information on the history of Turtle Run visit their website at:


Laura & Jim personalize each wine variety by informing the customers why the particular wine got it name. These wines go thru Arrested Fermentation meaning that these wines have the yeast removed during fermentation to create a sweeter wine. They do not back-add sugar or juice to sweeten their wines. The goal at Turtle Run Winery is to produce exceptional quality wine which can be enjoyed with both food and friends. Check out the examples below, all from the view of Laura & Jim.


Lost My Mind

Intense, crisp, refreshing and delightfully sweet, we really lost our minds when we decided to blend Catawba, Steuben and Concord together — three beautiful American grapes making a beautiful sweet wine!

Category: Sweet Reds

The joy of wine making is getting lost in blending wines. The staff thought I lost my mind with this latest blend, but the splendid smiles abounded when they tasted the cornucopia of fruit. They said I lost my mind, so thus, we aptly named the wine as such.

-Laura & Jim


Crossed My Mind

Abundant grape and berry aromas and flavors, with some nice citrus and spice notes wrapped through and through. Nicely intense with delicious sweetness throughout.

Category: Sweet Reds

It crossed my mind that many people like very fruit forward slightly sweet red wines with no sugar added. So here’s a wine for those folks.

-Laura & Jim


Slip My Mind

A cascade of who knows what fruit flavors fills the mouth with such a delicious taste. I know a winemaker is supposed to spill out all sorts of geek speak of flavors, but this wine is just good.

Category: Sweet Reds

Light fruity, and inviting, one sip of Slip My Mind and…well. Whatever I was going to say slipped my mind.

Laura & Jim


Red My Mind

Grape juice with a kick! Pure concord with generous grape jelly and jam notes, this is concord, as pure as it can be. Nice intensity of abundant grapes!

Category: Sweet Reds

All natural sweetness from the grapes provides a delicate sweetness and a nice clean finish for your palate. Enjoy chilled or at room temperature.

-Laura & Jim


Blue My Mind

A cascade of who knows what fruit flavors fills the mouth with such a delicious taste.  Perhaps the more I taste it, I get the flavors of kiwi, lemon, mango, strawberry and apple. Decide for yourself what flavors you get. Enjoy!!!

Category: Sweet Reds

This wine is pure Steuben, which generous, complex fruit overtones.

-Laura & Jim


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Wine Of The Month Club June 5, 2017