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NEW at Dewig Meats, shop for your favorite wines from local Indiana wineries to Australian vineyards and beyond. A great steak or a juicy pork chop pairs wonderfully with a nice glass of wine! We can excite your taste buds whether you like sweet, semi-sweet, chardonnay, dry or any variety in-between. With a constantly rotating selection, stop in to see what is new!

  • Our Wine of the Month Club features a variety of wine that we think our customers would enjoy.
  • Our Wine of the Month is available to purchase in our retail meat market the entire featured month.
  • We try to select a variety so that any wine enthusiast can enjoy a bottle or two of our featured wine!

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It’s September WINE Time!

This month we are featuring Dablon Vineyard from Baroda, Michigan.



Thousands of years ago the glaciers deposited their cargo of stones, rocks, minerals, clay, sand and gravel to create a hilly moraine. The grapes that grow at Dablon Vineyard develop their special character from the unique soil composition and microclimate. The moderating influence of Lake Michigan protects the grapes from frosts and promotes a long growing season.

Claude Dablon, French explorer and Jesuit priest, was one of the first Europeans to arrive in Michigan when it was still a part of New France in the 1600s. History describes Father Dablon making wine from grapes he found in the New World. Today, Dablon Vineyards honors him with their wine as they explore and realize the potential of marrying French varietals with terroir to make extraordinary wine.


Dablon Sweet Riesling

Honeysuckle aroma and flavors of sweet peaches with a hint of mandarin orange.
Pairing Suggestions: Seafood, chicken, spicy Asian or Indian dishes or bleu cheese


Dablon Music Box Collection

Wine, like film, is best appreciated by knowing the story- the place where the grapes are grown and how they are grown by the people who care for them; the uniqueness of the vintage; the history of the vineyard and winery and its goal for the future. The Music Box wine was made in honor of the Music Box Theatre’s history as the preeminent cinematic storyteller in Chicago and its recognition as one of the most beautiful cinemas in the world.


Music Box Moscato

Sweet & refreshing with underlying lemon & melon notes. This fresh & vibrant Moscato will not disappoint!
Pairing Suggestions: Thai food, apple pie, verjus tarts, can also enjoyed as an aperitif.


Music Box Matinee Red

Fragrances of warm strawberry jam blend with flavors of blackberry jam and a hint of cranberry on the finish.
Pairing Suggestions: BBQ, grilled vegetables and fruit based desserts. Also makes for an excellent sangria starter – just add fresh fruit & brandy!


Music Box Muscat Canelli

Notes of banana on the nose with tropical fruit flavors and a smooth, round finish.
Pairing Suggestions: Bleu cheese, seafood, spicy Asian or Indian foods.


Music Box Office Blush

Aromas of juicy peaches and flowers lead to sweet flavors of nectarine, peaches and a smooth finish.
Pairing Suggestions: Goat & Brie cheese, Mexican fare, the perfect summer sipper.


Music Box Pinot Grigio

A nose of green apple & melon, with a hint of almond, this wine finishes with pear & mascarpone.
Pairing Suggestions: Pairs well with Risotto, Sea Bass, Caesar Salad, Scallops & Fresh Halibut.


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Wine Of The Month Club June 5, 2017