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Wine Of The Month Club

Get Your Wine-Fix at Dewig Meats!

NEW at Dewig Meats, shop for your favorite wines from local Indiana wineries to Australian vineyards and beyond. A great steak or a juicy pork chop pairs wonderfully with a nice glass of wine! We can excite your taste buds whether you like sweet, semi-sweet, chardonnay, dry or any variety in-between. With a constantly rotating selection, stop in to see what is new!

  • Our Wine of the Month Club features a variety of wine that we think our customers would enjoy.
  • Our Wine of the Month is available to purchase in our retail meat market the entire featured month.
  • We try to select a variety so that any wine enthusiast can enjoy a bottle or two of our featured wine!

Sales will be Monday-Saturday. Stop in today!


From Two-EE’s:

We search near and far for unique grapes that are unfamiliar to most wine drinkers—neglected varietals often bypassed for their more popular cousins. But our minimalist production technique highlights the true nature of these arcane grapes offering unique flavors not found anywhere else.

We hold our grapes, our processes and ourselves to the highest quality standards. If we create a wine that is even slightly less than perfect, we won’t bottle it. Guaranteed.


Two◦EE’s: Pink Diamond

Pink Diamond is a sweet, light wine. It has a crisp and fruity flavor with hints of dark cherry, strawberry and watermelon.

 Sale Price $10.99 ea. ~ Regular Price $12.99


Two◦EE’s: Plonqe´

Plonqe´ is a sweet, smooth red table wine. It has fresh flavors of grape and is great with dinner or when used to make wine slushies.

Sale Price $10.99 ea. ~ Regular Price $12.99


Two◦EE’s: Catawba

Catawba is a semi-sweet rose´. Made with red Catawba grapes, this wine has hints of cotton candy, cranberry and pink lemonade. It is tangy and fruity but not too sweet.

Sale Price $14.99 ea. ~ Regular Price $16.99 ea.


Two◦EE’s: Peach

This peach wine is light and has a fresh peach flavor. It is great for making refreshing wine slushies.

Sale Price $14.99 ea. ~ Regular Price $16.99 ea.


Two◦EE’s: Strawberry

This strawberry wine is light and refreshing. It has a fresh strawberry taste that is sure to please. Its sweet flavor is great for wine slushies.

Sale Price $14.99 ea. ~ Regular Price $16.99 ea.


Two◦EE’s: Diamond

Diamond is a white table wine. It has hints of granny smith apple, meyer lemon and orange blossom. It is sweet with a tartness at the end.

Sale Price $10.99 ea. ~ Regular Price $12.99 ea.

Wine Of The Month Club June 5, 2017

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