Dewig Meats History

In 1916, Anton Dewig started what is today Dewig Bros. Packing Co., Inc. Later Anton was joined by his two brothers, Joe and John Dewig. In those days the only tools that the employees of Dewigs used to process meat were their knives. From these humble beginnings the Dewig family has advanced their company to be one of the most successful meat packing plants in Indiana. The family had actually been involved in the meat business before the Haubstadt, Indiana plant was opened. John Dewig’s father had been a road butcher who went farm to farm in the area earlier in this century.


John’s sons, Tom and Bill, bought the business from their uncles, Anton and Joe in 1962. Since then the plant has continued to evolve utilizing the latest technology and processes in the business. Since Bill Dewig’s retirement in 1990, the business has been owned and operated by Bill’s brother Tom and wife Janet, their son Dean and wife Karen, and daughter Darla and husband Aaron. While the second and third generation are continuing the strong family tradition, the fourth generation is starting to be actively involved in the business as well. Dean and Karen’s son Darell Austin now works full time and is assuming some of the management responsibilities. Their daughter Sarah Jade attends college and works part-time along side her mother, aunt and grandmother learning the family business. The youngest grandchildren, Jesse Logan (13), Jarrett Anthony (13), and twin girls, Addison Mae and Heidi Rae (7) are also common faces around Dewig Meats.

In The Media

In June 2012, Dewig Meats had the privilege of competing in a hotdog competition with the well known Saveur Magazine. Dewig’s hotdogs, which were recognized from all the past awards, competed against many nationally well known brands. Their fourth place finish was a real accomplishment!

Dewig Meats has also been featured in magazine articles in the Wall Street Journal, Meat & Poultry Magazine, Meat Business Magazine, Evansville Living and Hungry Hoosier to name a few. For complete articles visit our website at www.dewigmeats.com/categorynews/.

In 2011 Dewig’s was asked to help out multiple groups of soldiers preparing for deployment to Afghanistan. Their mission at Dewig’s was to learn how to properly slaughter and process animals in preparation to feed a team of soldiers. These Special Forces Soldiers came from all over the US including Tacoma, Washington, Fort Campbell, Kentucky, and Golden, Colorado. Tom Dewig, owner, states, “I consider it a privilege that the world has traveled to the Midwest all the way from Washington. It’s a feather in our hat if we’re able to help those guys out overseas.


Since 1916, Dewig Meats has been building on a long tradition of service. The philosophy that the owners and employees have always followed is “please the customer first.” They still honor that principle as they have for over 100 years. Dewigs will make every attempt to meet the customers needs. Just ask the people of the hometown, Haubstadt, Indiana and you will discover how important this tradition really is to the Dewig family.

One of the most unique services that Dewigs provide to their customers in this age of mass produced meat products is the willingness to fulfill custom orders. This means that instead of limiting the choices to the meat cuts provided, Dewigs will gladly make any custom cut that the customer desires. Another often overlooked service that Dewigs provides to their customers is true healthy meats. Dewigs have gone out of their way to make sure that their products are of the highest quality while being as delicious as possible.

The physical plant of Dewig Meats is a model of efficiency and cleanliness. All of the products are inspected several times before sale to ensure that the customer receives the best and safest product possible.

Mission Statement

Dewig Meats’ goal is to provide superior products and quality processed meats to the food service industry and to provide specialized and custom produced meat products for all ethnic and geographical needs.

Company Philosophy

Dewig Meats is an established company basing growth on the manufacturing and sale of quality meat products. Dewig Meats provide their vendors with a reliable source of processed products produced under strict quality controls.

A State-Of-The-Art Facility

Today, state of the art meat cutting equipment and computers are standard fixtures at the plant. Some things never change, as each meat cutter still carries his own knife belt and steel. The company currently employ more then 75 people, most of whom are related to the Dewigs. The plant used to be in competition with five or six meat packers from nearby Evansville, IN. With the quality of meats and outstanding service, Dewig Meats in Haubstadt is the only remaining plant left in the area.

What accounts for Dewig’s success over the years? It would have to be the company’s willingness to give customers what they want while still being diversified. If the past is any indication of where this company is going, the future looks good for Dewig Meats. As owner Tom Dewig states, “When I say the Dewigs have been here since 1916, I’m telling you that we are strong on history and strong in our traditions, but we wouldn’t still be here if we hadn’t stayed current and up to date.”

A Complete Remodel

After years of planning and preparation, Dewig Bros. Packing Co. completed a large addition of its retail operation in 2011. Expanded products, expanded hours, and expanded service has helped Dewig’s create one of the most vibrant meat markets in the nation. The redesigned space is approximately 6 times larger than the original retail space, making it more accessible for a new generation of customers. The Dewig Family celebrated the company’s centennial in 2016 by hosting a meal for the community, in which all proceeds went to local nonprofit organizations. Dewig Bros. Packing Co. continues to be family owned and operated in Haubstadt, Indiana.

Read More about Dewig Brothers Packing History in this article.

Pappa Bear’s Catering from Dewig Meats

In 2015 Dewig’s decided to jump “whole hog” into the catering business as well. Brent Weatherwax, head caterer of Pappa Bear’s Catering from Dewig Meats has proved to be a true asset in expanding Dewig Meats. Check out his story as well as menu items, on-site catering options and even heat and eat meal options that can be picked up in house any day of the week!

Celebrating Our 100 Year Anniversary

The year 2016 was the 100th year of Dewig Meats existence. The company celebrated all year long with give always to the 100th customers of the day, having an anniversary party with a catered meal provided by Pappa Bear’s Catering from Dewig Meats.

All customers were invited, and the meal was at a minimal charge raising money for local organizations. What an outstanding accomplishment of being a family owned and operated business for 100 years!

New Freezer/Cooler Addition

In 2016 Dewig Meats completed a large freezer and storage addition to help with the growing demand of Dewig’s products. Over the past 10 years the Dewig’s decided that additional space was needed for spices, boxes, equipment and even more importantly freezer room for large orders. The freezer expansion was a big addition, but well needed for the growing company.

2017 Was A Banner Year

2017 was an important year for Dewig Meats. Tom & Janet Dewig celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary. Tom & Janet can still be seen running around Dewig Meats helping out where needed, they just don’t “run” as quickly as they once did.

Tom & Janet are true believers of hard work and strong faith which have made them exceptional employers for years. Many employees of Dewig Meats have 30+ and even 40+ years working for the Dewig family and there are more plans in the works for more expansion!

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2018 Centennial Business Award

Dewig Meats received the 2018 Indiana Historical Society Centennial Business Award. This recognition is bestowed upon Indiana companies continually in business for a century or more in hopes it will increase awareness of Indiana’s rich business and industrial heritage. What a great accomplishment and honor!

2021 Hall of Fame Award Winner

Aaron Kiesel was inducted into the Cured Meats Hall of Fame at the 82nd annual American Association of Meat Processors convention in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. The Cured Meats Hall of Fame Award was established to recognize individuals that have shown a long-standing excellence in the production of cured meats. Award winners have actively participated in the American Cured Meats Championships for several years and state cured meat shows. In addition, the winner has demonstrated exceptional ability in the production of cured meats, been involved in American Association of Meat Processors activities, and willing to share knowledge and information with others in the meat industry.


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2023 Awards:
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1st- Country Bacon
1st- Heavyweight Bone-In Ham
2nd- Semi-Boneless Ham
2nd- Bacon Lightweight
2nd- Beef Jerky
2nd- Boneless Gourmet Traditional
2nd- American Bologna
3rd- Hotdogs
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3rd- Lightweight Bone-In Ham

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