Custom Beef Processing

Do you raise your own cattle?

Think of Dewig Meats to process your beef for you.

  • Prices include Slaughtering, Cutting, Double Wrapping & Blast Freezing.
  • The typical hanging time for a beef is approximately 14 days.
  • All cattle are slaughtered on Tuesday. We prefer you to bring your beef in during normal business hours on Mondays since we start slaughtering early Tuesday morning.
  • Price is based on live weights.
  • Beef are weighed upon arrival on our Certified & Bonded Livestock scale.
  • Please call to make an appointment.


Processing Fee for Whole or Half Beef
$.85 lb. Figured on Live Weight

Processing Fee for Frontquarter or Hindquarter of Beef
$.99 lb. Figured on Live Weight

Processing Fee for Half of a Half of Beef
$1.19 lb. Figured on Live Weight


Additional Fees

*Fees are based on finished amount of each product.
*These items take additional time and labor to produce which causes the additional fee.
*These items are optional.

Round Steaks Tenderized- $1.00 lb.
Minute Steaks- $1.00 lb.
Beef Patties- $1.00 lb.
Stew Meat- $1.00 lb.

Have additional requests, questions or concerns?

Please contact us!

Custom Beef Processing October 5, 2017