Meat and Greet: It’s all in the family for the Dewigs.

evansville-living-articleNestled away in Haubstadt, Ind., sits one of the most impressive meat markets in the country. Dewig Meats (pronounced Day-Wig) has been serving customers the finest products and quality in the industry for almost 100 years.

“People think of us as a little butcher shop out here, but we sell a lot of meat — thousands and thousands of pounds every day,” says plant manager Dean Dewig.

The facility sits on a 10-acre plot, surrounded by roughly 50 acres of family farmland at 100 Maple St. The original Dewig meat market in Haubstadt was about a block and one-half away from the current complex, Dewig explains while leaning back in a small, wood-paneled office.

“We have probably the biggest meat market anywhere in the country,” he says. “I don’t know of any place where you can see more cuts than right here.”

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(Original article by Jon Haslam appeared in Evansville Living Magazine in October/November 2013 Edition)